Discovering the Delightfully Strange

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of oddities and curiosities with our magazine, featuring artist interviews, engaging DIY projects, explorations of unique shops around the country, captivating fiction, and much more.



ODDMAG caters to a unique audience of curious minds, art enthusiasts, and lovers of the unusual. Our readers are deeply engaged with topics such as art, culture, oddities, and curiosities, making them an ideal audience for advertisers looking to reach a niche market with a passion for the extraordinary. By advertising with us, you'll connect with an audience eager to explore new ideas, products, and experiences that align with their eclectic interests and tastes.


Since we are an arts and culture magazine focused on oddities and curiosities, we would like to promote products or services that would appeal to lovers of the unusual. Potential businesses could include alternative or dark fashion brands, specialty bookstores, unique travel experiences or tours, or independent artists who create unique and unusual handmade items. 

We do NOT condone the sale or use of real bats in artwork and reserve the right to decline any business that traffics in the sale of dead bats. 


All of our ads are full page and printed in full color. We are an 8.5x11 inch magazine but do require an extra .25 inch bleed for printing. 

Full Page – $125

Two Page Spread (inside front cover) – $225

Back Cover – $175

After purchasing, please email your ad to We will contact you within 48 hours to let you know if your design is approved.


Advertisements can be sent as a PNG to Higher resolution is always best - please ensure that single-page designs are a minimum of 840x1080 pixels for best print quality.

We would love for advertisements in our magazine to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. If design is not your strength, don't worry! We are more than happy to help you come up with a cohesive design. Send an email to to discuss design options.